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Gra Health Center


The Grand River Academy Health and Safety Center is  located in Mastin Hall, which is a spacious, free-standing facility in the center of campus and is easily accessible to every student within our community 24 hours per day. The Health Centeris led by a certified Registered Nurse Tammy Mathews who is a full time staff member within the GRA community.

  • 20 beds for students who may be ‘admitted’ by the School Nurse for extended treatment, additional observation, or ‘medical isolation’. 
  • Quarantine Facilities - A separate apartment that provides additional sleeping, eating, and dining spaces for any GRA student(s) who are ordered by the School Nurse to be totally quarantined from the general community. This quarantined space can comfortably accommodate and sleep up to 5 students at any given time. 
  • Two attached Faculty apartments that allow 24-hour supervision and at-will accessibility to students who have been ‘admitted’. 
  • A generous office suite and waiting room. 
  • A spacious lobby, kitchenette, and TV lounge.
  • Academic spaces for students to study when they are admitted, isolated, or quarantined.
  • A dining lounge for students who show a need to be admitted, isolated, or quarantined.
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